Statutory Lift Inspections


PERSONS IN CONTROL lif_inspection

The Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005. [No.10 of 2005]
This Act places a duty on persons who have control to any extent of a Place of Work to ensure that the means of access to and egress there from and any article provided for use are safe and without risk to health.

The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007. [S.I.No.299 of 2007]
These regulations place a duty on all employers responsible for the operation of lifts to ensure:
Lifts (passenger, goods or both) are subject to a 6 monthly thorough examination by a competent person after which the competent person must issue a report of the examination which contains all the information prescribed in the Regulations.
Where the report sets out conditions for the safe working of the lifts, these conditions must be adhered to.
(These thorough examinations should not be confused with normal maintenance activities).
Those responsible for the operation of lifts should ensure that they have a current report of thorough examination. They should also be in possession of a log-book where details of any repairs or checks have been recorded.
Operators should also be satisfied that the lift has been installed in compliance with the European Communities (Lifts) Regulations 1998 to 2008, or the European Communities (Machinery) Regulations as appropriate. Where operators have concerns with the installation, they should obtain the services of competent installers to carry out appropriate examinations and tests.

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