Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 11.29.06Many lift modernisation schemes are undertaken during refurbishment or development change in use of building projects. This time provides an ideal opportunity to modernise lift systems to ensure they meet the future needs of the building; understanding change in requirements of the lift system and improving the aesthetics of the lift and co-ordinating with the building’s environment.

A change in use of a building may require an improved lift service. To ensure passenger expectations of lift service and waiting times are met, lift modernisation to include modern microprocessor controls, state of the art drive systems and modern door systems can improve the lift response time, cutting waiting times and enhancing passenger traffic handling.

Pickerings Lifts Modernisation team can offer a wide range of options for the regeneration of a lift. To ensure individual requirements are met in a lift regeneration project, a specification is drawn up for each scheme to enable the most cost effective and appropriate measures to be used to deliver the benefits required. Pickerings Lifts Modernisation team can help to develop any client requirement to produce the ideal solution.

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