Lift Refurbishment / Modernisation

Pickerings Lifts understand the cost effectiveness and often necessity of a lift modernisation project over a new install. In line with current regeneration schemes, refurbishment through ‘up-cycling’ can ultimately provide a greener and more environmentally friendly method of repair.

With technological advances and developments in health and safety legislation, lift regeneration and modernisation can be a real alternative to a completely new system.

General wear and tear and change of use may mean that improvements are needed. Your lift reflects your business and Pickerings Lifts can advise on improvements such as reducing energy consumption, improving reliability and performance, optimising traffic flow or enhancing appearance. The need for altering use is often highlighted by regulatory changes such as the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1994 and Health and Safety regulations. In such circumstances Pickerings Lifts can undertake are needed to ensure compliance, before completing the necessary work.

From minor refurbishment to a major modernisation, Pickerings Lifts offer a lift regeneration service that will rejuvenate your lift, taking into account aesthetics, change in use, reliability, energy costs and safety regulations. We have the ability and technical know-how to ensure your lift remains an efficient and integral component within your business.

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