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We have designed our home lifts with your home in mind. We know that every home is unique.

Pickerings Lifts Ireland are resellers of the range of Aritco  Home Lifts – the revolutionary system which combines style and functionality for any house or apartment, whether you are looking for future proofing your home or simply enjoy the modern living. Thanks to the unique screw and nut technology, Aritco Home Lifts are space efficient and don’t require any machine room nor pit.

Future Proof Your Home

Installing a lift into your home, is a decision you need to get right – first time. Pickerings Lifts Ireland knows what it takes to provide you with a fantastic new lift for your home; we have ‘seen’ and ‘done’ it all before and this is exactly the reason our clients chose to work with us. Space isn’t an issue either, as we can install a lift without having to disrupt your home. Domestic lifts provide a great solution to any restriction or mobility issue within the home, ranging from the standard platform lifts to the well-known stairlift, and everything in between. home lifts may not be the right answer for your mobility needs, if you’re unsure of how to improve the mobility around your house, contact on of our team today, to discuss other options.

Why Domestic Lifts Are A Great Solution

Aritco Home Lifts; The 4000 and The 6000, are the domestic lift solution, tailored with the home environment entirely in mind. A domestic lift will also help future proof your home and transform your life without having to move.

Minimising disruption in your home, is vital and simplicity of installation is the key. Our Aritco Home Lifts are usually installed within just two days on site. See our collection below, call us today, or email your requirements.

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