Passenger Lifts

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 11.53.49Pickerings lifts provide an extensive range of Electric Traction and Hydraulic lifts catering for 6 to 66 passengers. All lifts are compliant with TGD part M Access for people with disabilities. Should the following examples not meet your requirements, our technical sales team are available to discuss bespoke enquiries.

Shown below are just some of the range of passenger lifts that we supply. For more detailed information please click on the brochure download link.

Additional Features: Voice synthesiser, Braille call buttons, call registration, alarm, door open/close buttons, floor position indicator with arrows, built in emergency lighting, emergency communications device, overload indicator, landing operating panels with call button and direction arrows, Key switch activation, Door open toggle, full coverage infra red detector.

All passenger lifts installed by Pickerings Lifts are CE marked and accompanied by a declaration of conformity. A standard or comprehensive service contract is available with all lifts.

Click here to download our Brochure

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